Thursday, February 28, 2013


Spring is coming! It may not feel like it with the temps still in the 40's but the daffodils don't lie!

We have lots going on and coming up and I really want to stay on top of my thoughts and goals for upcoming parties and holidays and all that jazz...

A few things that are inspiring me at the moment:

St. Patty's day decor for an upcoming couples shower

Easter basket liner making (I know. You are thinking EASTER ?!&*(&^**...but it takes me a long time to do a project!) And I have the cutest yellow/blue/green plaid combo to do this with for our sweet boy!

via pinterest

And while I'm on the topic of Easter - some great fillers for the almost 18 month old would be - new big boy sip cup, new cars, a few new pairs of pants (made by mom), maybe introduce some fun fat crayons and arts and crafts items, a new book or 2 and of course, some fun treats in his Easter eggs!

Lastly, we did a great little painting project a few weeks ago and I'm still loving how it turned out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A few gems...

Was on the local Craigslist lately and found some nice gems that I wish I could own...

Natalie just posted about a cane back chair. Paint this one and recover - perfect little chair!

adorable vintage light fixture...

this table is selling for 50$. I don't even know what to say. Besides gorgeous?!

Obviously would need a new paint job, but nice lines and original hardware.

Perfect nail trimmed headboard.

and the motherload. 
What I wouldn't do for this secretary for our living room. 
Paint color is perfect and I am so in love.