Monday, June 24, 2013


Over the weekend I ventured down to Charlotte to visit a friend and celebrate her 33 birthday.  I met her at South Park while she was getting makeup done and getting pretty for her big night I found Anthropologie. Big Mistake. Huge. They were having a GINORMOUS summer sale. I tried on a few cute tops and a dress that I wanted to just walk out in but was very smart and hung everything back up. Loved them all but I knew it wasn't my time. Unfortunately, the adult/mommy guilt poured out of me and I cringed as I handed the sweet store girl back the lovely goods. Wonder if John ever has that feeling? Probably not. But it felt so nice to walk into a store without a stroller and walk around, trying on clothes with the freedom to just stand in the room and twirl around and not worry with O ready to project him self out of his stroller and screaming BYE signalling to me that it was time to GO. NOW.

I wasn't able to find the adorable green eyelet dress that I tried online. Probably better. I may cry if I see it again.

I did go by Madwell and did pick up a cute navy and white tank - 40% off sales price seemed okay for me. Plus I can probably wear it all summer. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bathroom Dreams

Our new home has a master bath.  Not much 'master' to it. The previous owners updated a good bit before putting it on the market- new tile on the floor (which I love), new toilet (also great) and they installed new lighting (not a fan of) and a new sink/vanity (also not loving)...But the light turquoise tile covering the floor and full standing shower really soon must go...IF I had my way we would be updating to something a little more this....

This is our current floor tile - LOVE IT - so would be perfect to carry into the shower floor and do some great subway stacked up.

This vanity is my dream.  The current one is too wide.  Something a little more narrow would be ideal.

Don't like the tile but something with this style door would be so nice.

Another example of a nice simple white subway tile and updated fixtures for the shower.

Plans for Master Bath:
-remove tile outside of shower - either board and batton 
-remove old towel rods & replace with updated
-update shower door
-update shower tile
-change out vanity to something less wide 
-new sink
-update mirror and light fixture over sink
-artwork and window treatment
-add door (yes our bathroom has NO DOOR)

Sorry no pics of the current bath but I will try to update over the weekend...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

mama wears a one piece

Mama (me) found this amazing one piece at Old Navy before the beach. I seriously felt pretty hot in this wild number while holding my 31 pounder all over Cherry Grove last week.

Yes that is correct, someone didn't want toes touching the sand. It was quite the experience, that is for sure!

But if you need a good not so pricey cute suit head over to Old Navy ladies! Lots of cute options!!

Also loving this one.

And this one.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aquarium trip

Before we got to the beach house we took O to the aquarium at For Fisher. He was apprehensive at first but soon loved it. He ran around saying shark! and fishes! It was so awesome to see everything with him and thru him.

Checking out the turtles and alligators. 

Priceless look on his face!

Showing dad the sharks. 

Pointing to the frogs with Carson. 

And this happened immediately after we got in the car. 

Such a fun day!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

back at it...

well well well....look who is back after a brief hiatus? i know, it is ridic how hard it is to keep this blog going. can you say hanging on by a thread?? anyways, big news! we moved! new house is bigger, badder and better than anything I could have imagined. it is just what we needed and we are so excited to be in a great neighborhood close to everything and everyone we love. so, now i'm constantly hunting. craigslist, home goods, tj maxx, mom's house wherever i can find the latest and greatest to fill this big old guy.  hopefully some pics will be up soon. but it is such a work in progress needing some serious rugs. who can afford a darn rug around here?  also, we are headed to the beach at the end of this week so hopefully i will be back with tons of O pics. isn't that what everyone wants? here's to hoping i can keep this up for a bit...

Here are a few recent Craigslist finds... anyone wanna donate to my house decorating fund? it is very necessary :)

what a fun mirror. can you say the only full length we own is a $10 mirror from BBB? 
an upgrade is necessary!

super fun trunk would go great in the boy's room...

finally! something big enough for the den mantle!

also love for the mantle with a little layering...