Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day

Enjoy the last weekend of the summer! So ready for a relaxing good time!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's coming...

soon enough. scarves and layers and booties. can you say it with me? fall!  I am so ready but still, here in WS it stays quiet warm thru October!  Not terrible really, but I love some chilly-wrap up in a blanket on the deck-drink some hot tea (really a good cab or something stronger would be preferred)-kinda chilly.

pinterest has been my go-to for some fashion inspiration. I can literally find something for almost any piece of clothing i own. gray pencil skirt? give me some ideas pinners! done.

here's a few of my favs right now...hopefully won't be breaking the bank too much with a few fall purchases....

I love a chunky sweater. 

speaking of, this looks just perfect.
my whole dream outfit.

these shoes! again, i pinned them last week and already have 51 repins!
i hope there are some left for me!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Owen eats...

Our little guy has become quite the connoisseur of all things yummy....yummy to an almost 2 year old of course.  His favs at the moment are hot dogs, cookies, spaghetti, cheese, bagels, all fruit, and all potatoes of the white variety.  He still will not touch veggies or most meats.  We try to go with the flow and just let him eat as he wants but still offering him what we have for dinner. He may spit it out but at least he puts it in his mouth!
Bagels with mama

His first corn dog - not a fan of the stick

First bowl of Cereal - in milk! He loved it.

Date night with his girl, May May. I thought the table clothe and flowers were a nice touch!

Friday night cookout with his buddies. Wade & May May.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finally! Some magic for our bedroom!

Okay, I know such a silly post title for this one but I couldn't help. Last night, on where else ? but Pinterest did I find the bedroom of my dreams.  When I was younger I babysat for this amazing family down the street - the Browns - they had, at the time, 4 lovely children who I adored and I think they thought I was pretty sweet too.  Anyways, the parents had the prettiest blue bedroom.  I always wanted a blue bedroom the color of theirs but could never really match it up. 

Thank you to Pinterest and Sacramento Street for this wonderful inspiration.  The blue works so well with the cremes and browns we already have, but gives some real depth to the space and I think it will be just perfect.  It's all happening!!!

Saturday the hubs and I had a wonderful dinner date to Spring House. It was the most fantastic meal I have had in a long time. The weather was far from perfect, kinda chilly (for August!) and rainy, so I had my first red wine in a while and enjoyed every bite of pork belly, salmon, rustic mashed potatoes and butterscotch dessert. Heaven!
Had to upload a cute pic of me and hubs. He hates having his pic taken and even more having it uploaded to #insta. Sorry babe but I love you and have to show you off some times!

The hostess had on the cutest pair of oxfords and I made a point to tell her how much I loved them and she shared with me where she had gotten them - that day (Belks, they are Dolce Vita)!  I will definitely be adding these to my fall wardrobe.  May be a little behind in the fashion world, but in little ol' WS these will be a hit. 

Trying to get back into this regular blogging thing. I am long over due for an Owen update, I'm sure. Maybe soon! :)