Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's coming...

soon enough. scarves and layers and booties. can you say it with me? fall!  I am so ready but still, here in WS it stays quiet warm thru October!  Not terrible really, but I love some chilly-wrap up in a blanket on the deck-drink some hot tea (really a good cab or something stronger would be preferred)-kinda chilly.

pinterest has been my go-to for some fashion inspiration. I can literally find something for almost any piece of clothing i own. gray pencil skirt? give me some ideas pinners! done.

here's a few of my favs right now...hopefully won't be breaking the bank too much with a few fall purchases....

I love a chunky sweater. 

speaking of, this looks just perfect.
my whole dream outfit.

these shoes! again, i pinned them last week and already have 51 repins!
i hope there are some left for me!

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