Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Archer Eats

So a few weeks of dinner times and these are our standouts.

The easiest Potato Soup known to man!

I just recently found Cassie's blog at Hi Sugarplum! and this girl is all things DIY and actual things you can really do yourself.  When I saw her post for this amazing crockpot potato soup I knew we had to try it.  It's just as delicious and easy as it sounds.  Per the hubs request, I chopped up extra bacon and mixed it into the potato mixture to bake with it and we cooked it on the stove since I didn't have time to let it cook in the crock pot all day. But it was just as hearty and yummy as I thought it would be.

Owen wouldn't try it but he loved his grilled cheese.

Spinach & Meat sauce Lasagna

This one really just came from what was "already in the fridge" meal.  I picked up some lasagna noodles and ricotta from the store and we went with it!  John had made a ton of this wonderful meaty tomato sauce the week prior so I knew I was going to use it as our sauce.  I bought a big tub of fresh spinach from one of our Costo trips last week and promised the hubs I would finish it off.  I'm still trying.  Hopefully this week we will do a girlled chicken and spinach salad (YUM) and that should help take care of some of it! So cooked down the fresh spinach to add in with the ricotta and layerd it up with shredded mozzarella, noodles and sauce.  Baked it at about 350 til bubbly and let sit for just a few.  It's even better the next day!

Before it went in the oven but you see how beautiful it is? And it was H U G E!

I was too scared to do no bake noodles, but we did put some unbaked noodles on the bottom row and it turned out fine!

Owen didn't want to try because of the green (grrr) but he did have a few noodles and meatballs (we call any meat in our house meatballs & he gobbles them up)

Southern Living Italian Sausage Grits bake

This one was a toughie.  John and I used to cook all these amazing dinners when we were just 2 and now it's very rare to have something with so many components and techniques in preparing.  He was a whiz and I was just trying to keep up.  O was a champ and played down stairs almost the whole time.  That was a treat in itself!  But it came out super amazing and hearty and perfect for a chilly Sunday night.

I was to chicken to see if O would try it so I made him a toddler version of just cut up sausage and some cheese grits and strawberries.  He did better with it and as much as I want him to eat what we eat at every meal, sometimes knowing is half the battle.  

So there you have it! A few of our recent successes for dinner. Quick, easy and good!

We love to go out to eat and Saturday enjoyed a fun night out with some friends and their little one, V.  O was smitten and they were hamming it up for just about anyone who would look their way.  Mexican is always a hit with our guy, he can't get enough beans and rice!

 I promise V is not picking her nose. 

Post nap snacks are always fun at our house too. Sunday O & Daddy enjoying some peanut butter & crackers and celery!

Aren't they just the cutest?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Right now I'm...

I am taking a hint from my friend Jessie and doing a little journaling in this post.  Sometimes it's good to jot down thoughts and feelings about where I am in this current time in my life! Thanks, Jesse!

Right now I'm:

My new Sam Edelman Booties that I have been craving for over a year and they were almost 50% off!. I went with the fun green ones to spice up my maternity wardrobe, which I'm really not LOVING. Also, loving my hubs who is such a great dad and partner in life.  

Reading - 
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Children. Our perfect little sleeper has had a few rough nights and we are working through them together. He is adjusting to a big boy bed and a new room and is a trooper, but needs to keep his body in that bed all night long! Any tips are appreciated! 
BUT I did just finish Gone Girl and highly recommend it.  I can't wait to see the movie.

Waiting for - 
warmer weather!! I swear one of these winters I'm going pack our bags and we will go somewhere nice and warm for a getaway!

Excited about
Having a baby girl. Owen is going to be such a great big brother. I love how he comes to my belly and wants to pat 'baby Tate' or give it kisses.  Last night we talked about taking baths with baby sister and he was pretty excited. Also excited we have officially decided on a name, Tate Marion.  Tate just came to me (like Owen) and Marion was my grandmother's maiden name.  

Trying to
Keep patience when things aren't going my way.  From getting O ready to leave in the mornings (aka TODDLER TIME) to feeling there just aren't enough hours in the day to dealing with just about anything. HAVE Patience!!

Working on
.... hummm, trying to be better and more proactive about cooking dinner during the week? That sounds pretty weak, but it's true.

Having Downton Abbey back. I just love those Crawley's! 

My new Mary Kay spinbrush (Thanks to my other Mother In Law) which is similar to the Clairsonic face brushes and is really making my face feel bright and nice during these harsh winter times. And just got some new shampoo that I love ;) How is that one for easy to please? Rusk Sensories Brillance Shampoo smells heavenly and does a great job on my hair.  Just got that well needed trim and loving it too.

See "Loving" but also my Christmas present from John, a new watch (Michael Kors Tortoise). That is such a perfect compliment to my citrine (O's birthstone) ring. Receiving jewelry never was a big thing to me, but I really love the pieces he's given me. And the meaning behind them always makes it even better.

Baby girl's nursery and waiting til February to pull the trigger on painting furniture and really getting into decorating.  My Pinterest board for Baby Girl is outta control.  My new obsession is doing metallic star decals on the ceiling.... wonder if Nana is up for it??

hmm, bedtime songs most recently.  But our boy loves to sing and he is so good at it! I love to listen to Owen belt out Jesus loves me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle. Sweetest little voice there ever was!

A night out with the hubs.  We are trying to do one date night a month and I'm ready to go to dinner and a movie with him again soon.

Learning -
To realize that this too shall pass.  Life won't always be a full night of interrupted rest or fun Saturday night plans with friends cancelled due to an unexpected stomach bug... Sometimes things happen and we have to roll with the punches.

Listening to - 
My music is still the same but have had Shovels & Rope on heavy rotation my Spotify or Pandora radios.

Wishing - 
We had tons of money to do some projects around the house.  But we have plenty of years! Hopefully a few updates to our master bath will help ease the wishing for now...

Doing - 
This blog when I should probably be working! 

Dreaming of - 
A full night's sleep... at least before MAY!

Friday, January 17, 2014

An awesome guy, An Awesome Book

There have been some great and awesome people to come out of our humble little city... But there is one guy who many people may not know, but to me and some of my friends he is pretty amazing.

Dallas was pretty quiet and kept to himself.  He definitely didn't try to fit in but he just did. Even with multi-colored hair and baggy pants and chains hanging from his belt he was never mean or rude or picked on by others (at least not to my knowledge). But he had an air about him.  Something to the fact that "he knew". He knew all the petty school drama silliness wouldn't amount to anything in the end.  And he would find his place. And he did.

A few years back we reconnected on Facebook and I found out he had written a book. A book for kids. It is such a wonderful story and he has been all over the country sharing his story.  And he's written more stories. He makes WS proud. And he makes me proud.

Some of the book's artwork I found online ...

cover from "An Awesome Book" 

inside pages from "An Awesome Book of Thanks"

And also there's this...

He had a kid with a movie star

Sorry, but couldn't let that one get by... 

So if you haven't heard of Dallas Clayton or his awesomeness, go and check it out.  Even before I had Owen or had known of Dallas' latest adventure, I knew he would be someone I would tell my kids about.  A boy who didn't let others affect him and found his light and love and shared it with the world.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well isn't the old saying, "it's not a party until someone's leg falls off?" I love these women...How Carol Radziwill has managed to stick around with these loons is beyond me.  And Ramona.  What a kook!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time for a trim

Hair appointment this week... It's definitely time!

A few inspirations from Pinterest

I like these piece-y looks with a little bit of wave.  I am also really digging the length right below the chin, but not sure I will take off THAT much length...

Here's a pic from Sat night - a little time with the girls is so good for the soul - and we had to snap a pic of it!

My bangs are grown out enough and there is definitely enough HAIR going on.  Most of my appointments are spent thinning it out! 

Any tips for good softening / curl / subtle wave sprays or cremes? 

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Is it Friday yet?

Just having one of those couple of days where I feel like nothing's really fair and so welcome to my pitty party. Table of One. And I won't be ordering any booze because I'm 5 months pregnant but look and feel like I look like I'm about 8.5 months.

You know? When you feel like there is so much at home to be done and at work I am basically spinning wheels and worry with other people's crap.

It's time to schedule something soon....
And by meltdown I mean sitting in my chaise by the beach/pool/pond...
which doesn't appear to be happening ANY time soon.

Hope I'm back tomorrow with a better outlook. 
Anyone reading this just disregard. 
I'm just ranting and raving and getting out some frustrations through the www and my fingertips ;)

Here's a good jam for us today. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Perusing through the latest CL finds...

One of my favorite daily past times includes perusing Craigslist for any good finds.  Some days I have major success and come home begging John to let me get this new to me piece of furniture.  He doesn't understand the fun it brings me and just wants to go to your neighborhood furniture store and throw down a bunch of cash for something with little to no character or love. Which is fine, but I like "character" and I love "love".

amazing bench with velvet cushions

This is a Ballard Wall Mirror. Has a partner if you want to get 2.
This was included with the bench post and it has a tumbler site for all their amazing goodies. 
And this was just the beginning...

Sweet bookcase would be awesome painted and put in Little Girl's nursery

search 'mid century modern' for the real finds. 
great for tv console!

This piece would go wonderful in our living room with the more traditional pieces.
Great condition and GREAT price

This one is holding on to me tight.
What a perfect mirror to go in O's big boy room... Love the detailing and the size!

Convex Mirror for less than $100
Need I say more?

If you end up purchasing any of these items, let me know so I can come to your home and admire it's beauty! I am still holding out for the bookcase and the mirror.  Would love to get all of them but SOMEONE's husband is going to VEGAS in March so should probably hold on to what money will still have.... (sidenote - isn't it amazing what second babies will make husbands do??!)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Boot Envy

With these cold days ahead of us, something like 10 DEGREES tomorrow, I am having some boot envy and wish I had updated my closet for this winter...

A few on my short list - - -

the traditional Hunter boot, but a little stubbier and not so shiny.

I have been dreaming about these Sam Edelman booties all fall and seriously regret NOT adding them to my Xmas wish list.  
Something stylish and easy to slid on would be nice for this preggers.

NC winters aren't super cold, but we are having a bit of a chill this week.  
And rain (which they like to say is going to turn to snow and then doesn't). 
These would be warm and cozy.

I mean if I have to have a limited preggers wardrobe, can't a girl have cute boots?

Friday, January 3, 2014

A new room for our LITTLE big boy

As soon as we woke up on Jan 1, 2014, my nesting went into high alert.  I cleaned out the fridge from top to bottom, bathrooms, blinds, you name it. I am officially ready to get started preparing for our little girls arrival and transitioning Owen to his new room.

Owen is going to move into our guest room and we will keep the nursery for the baby but that means a lot must happen.  We have been slowly purchasing things along the way leading up to this point of transition.  Still need a few things but for the most part we will be painting the walls and a full size bed's head board/foot board to freshen up and personalize for our growing boy.  He's been sleeping in his toddler "crib" for over a month now and is a seriously amazing sleeper.  Nothing else to say about it but the boy loves his bed and we have to beg him in the morning to get up and get ready.  Can only imagine what it will be like when he is a teenager?!

So here is my newest inspiration for his room

I love the idea of a red bedframe, light gray walls and he already has a great rug with red/navy/khaki accents that will be perfect.  The room only has one window so I went with a navy roman shade from JCP and am really happy with it.  While in Charlotte back in the fall we picked up a new duvet and pillow shams from West Elm - simple gray and white stripe.  Perfect background for a busy boy's room. 

My next question is what do for sheets?  There are so many great kids options out there but I am not willing to shell out the price tag!  Any tips for cheaper full size sheet sets that wouldn't be like sandpaper and would last through many washings and wearings? (I'm unfortunately thinking about bed wetting in the future..grrr)

Here are some options I have found today that I just love.  Serena & Lily are having a big whites sale.. Should I bite? 

All terribly cute but even with the discount they are pretty pricey...

Or Land of Nod, another fan favorite in our home - 

And then there is the ever-trusting Target - can't go wrong here...

I am happy things are falling into place with our little guy's room.  I plan to upload some pics of our progress and a final reveal! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sunday Shows

I have a bit of an obsession with good TV shows. And by good I mean, girly and drama-filled.

The next few Sundays will prove to be a huge challenge as THREE of my favorite shows start back, Downton Abbey (Jan 5-don't miss it), GIRLS (Jan 12), and Revenge (Jan 5).

DA & Girls are back from long hiatus's and Revenge just paused from the holidays.  Revenge is def the bottom of the 3 but I will still DVR and watch what happened to Emily Thorne after her husband shot her in a drunken stupor.

A few previews -

Downton Abbey



I mean, can you even stand it ???