Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Right now I'm...

I am taking a hint from my friend Jessie and doing a little journaling in this post.  Sometimes it's good to jot down thoughts and feelings about where I am in this current time in my life! Thanks, Jesse!

Right now I'm:

My new Sam Edelman Booties that I have been craving for over a year and they were almost 50% off!. I went with the fun green ones to spice up my maternity wardrobe, which I'm really not LOVING. Also, loving my hubs who is such a great dad and partner in life.  

Reading - 
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Children. Our perfect little sleeper has had a few rough nights and we are working through them together. He is adjusting to a big boy bed and a new room and is a trooper, but needs to keep his body in that bed all night long! Any tips are appreciated! 
BUT I did just finish Gone Girl and highly recommend it.  I can't wait to see the movie.

Waiting for - 
warmer weather!! I swear one of these winters I'm going pack our bags and we will go somewhere nice and warm for a getaway!

Excited about
Having a baby girl. Owen is going to be such a great big brother. I love how he comes to my belly and wants to pat 'baby Tate' or give it kisses.  Last night we talked about taking baths with baby sister and he was pretty excited. Also excited we have officially decided on a name, Tate Marion.  Tate just came to me (like Owen) and Marion was my grandmother's maiden name.  

Trying to
Keep patience when things aren't going my way.  From getting O ready to leave in the mornings (aka TODDLER TIME) to feeling there just aren't enough hours in the day to dealing with just about anything. HAVE Patience!!

Working on
.... hummm, trying to be better and more proactive about cooking dinner during the week? That sounds pretty weak, but it's true.

Having Downton Abbey back. I just love those Crawley's! 

My new Mary Kay spinbrush (Thanks to my other Mother In Law) which is similar to the Clairsonic face brushes and is really making my face feel bright and nice during these harsh winter times. And just got some new shampoo that I love ;) How is that one for easy to please? Rusk Sensories Brillance Shampoo smells heavenly and does a great job on my hair.  Just got that well needed trim and loving it too.

See "Loving" but also my Christmas present from John, a new watch (Michael Kors Tortoise). That is such a perfect compliment to my citrine (O's birthstone) ring. Receiving jewelry never was a big thing to me, but I really love the pieces he's given me. And the meaning behind them always makes it even better.

Baby girl's nursery and waiting til February to pull the trigger on painting furniture and really getting into decorating.  My Pinterest board for Baby Girl is outta control.  My new obsession is doing metallic star decals on the ceiling.... wonder if Nana is up for it??

hmm, bedtime songs most recently.  But our boy loves to sing and he is so good at it! I love to listen to Owen belt out Jesus loves me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle. Sweetest little voice there ever was!

A night out with the hubs.  We are trying to do one date night a month and I'm ready to go to dinner and a movie with him again soon.

Learning -
To realize that this too shall pass.  Life won't always be a full night of interrupted rest or fun Saturday night plans with friends cancelled due to an unexpected stomach bug... Sometimes things happen and we have to roll with the punches.

Listening to - 
My music is still the same but have had Shovels & Rope on heavy rotation my Spotify or Pandora radios.

Wishing - 
We had tons of money to do some projects around the house.  But we have plenty of years! Hopefully a few updates to our master bath will help ease the wishing for now...

Doing - 
This blog when I should probably be working! 

Dreaming of - 
A full night's sleep... at least before MAY!

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