Thursday, January 9, 2014


Is it Friday yet?

Just having one of those couple of days where I feel like nothing's really fair and so welcome to my pitty party. Table of One. And I won't be ordering any booze because I'm 5 months pregnant but look and feel like I look like I'm about 8.5 months.

You know? When you feel like there is so much at home to be done and at work I am basically spinning wheels and worry with other people's crap.

It's time to schedule something soon....
And by meltdown I mean sitting in my chaise by the beach/pool/pond...
which doesn't appear to be happening ANY time soon.

Hope I'm back tomorrow with a better outlook. 
Anyone reading this just disregard. 
I'm just ranting and raving and getting out some frustrations through the www and my fingertips ;)

Here's a good jam for us today. 

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