Monday, January 6, 2014

Boot Envy

With these cold days ahead of us, something like 10 DEGREES tomorrow, I am having some boot envy and wish I had updated my closet for this winter...

A few on my short list - - -

the traditional Hunter boot, but a little stubbier and not so shiny.

I have been dreaming about these Sam Edelman booties all fall and seriously regret NOT adding them to my Xmas wish list.  
Something stylish and easy to slid on would be nice for this preggers.

NC winters aren't super cold, but we are having a bit of a chill this week.  
And rain (which they like to say is going to turn to snow and then doesn't). 
These would be warm and cozy.

I mean if I have to have a limited preggers wardrobe, can't a girl have cute boots?

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