Friday, January 17, 2014

An awesome guy, An Awesome Book

There have been some great and awesome people to come out of our humble little city... But there is one guy who many people may not know, but to me and some of my friends he is pretty amazing.

Dallas was pretty quiet and kept to himself.  He definitely didn't try to fit in but he just did. Even with multi-colored hair and baggy pants and chains hanging from his belt he was never mean or rude or picked on by others (at least not to my knowledge). But he had an air about him.  Something to the fact that "he knew". He knew all the petty school drama silliness wouldn't amount to anything in the end.  And he would find his place. And he did.

A few years back we reconnected on Facebook and I found out he had written a book. A book for kids. It is such a wonderful story and he has been all over the country sharing his story.  And he's written more stories. He makes WS proud. And he makes me proud.

Some of the book's artwork I found online ...

cover from "An Awesome Book" 

inside pages from "An Awesome Book of Thanks"

And also there's this...

He had a kid with a movie star

Sorry, but couldn't let that one get by... 

So if you haven't heard of Dallas Clayton or his awesomeness, go and check it out.  Even before I had Owen or had known of Dallas' latest adventure, I knew he would be someone I would tell my kids about.  A boy who didn't let others affect him and found his light and love and shared it with the world.

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