Thursday, January 31, 2013

A little PEP talk...

I think this guy gets a lot of his inspiration from Coach Taylor...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

did everyone see this?

just checking.... O M F Gosh that was perfect.

Nick & Jess 4 eva

It's never finished

Just a few shots of some book shelf decorating I was doing over the weekend... This stuff can drive you crazy!

This was my "before".  Poor things are so neglected and it was just after taking down all the xmas stuff, so I was ready to zush it up a bit.

I like the "layered" look of the first few shelves.  Then as you get lower it just gets sadder...

Sorry the chair is blocking, but that is the norm so deal.  At least it hides some of the sads... Found more books to use and removed all shells to put together in another spot as more of a collection and it looks pretty BA.  Maybe will add that pic soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My take on Anne at the Golden Globes

A lot of hoopla has been going around about Anne Hathaway at the GGs Sunday. I just got around the watching her acceptance speech and I loved it. She is quip-ey and thanked Sally Field like it was her job and brought me to tears. Sally Field will and forever remind me of my mother (M'Lynn is burned in my brain). So she may be a little "nerdy" but I think I love her.

As for Tina and Amy, they tore that shiz up and knocked it straight out of the park. When they lost to Lena I about died.

Cracks me up!

For those who read this blog (which is probably about 2 people) I have started to post all my videos of Owen to You Tube. Please go and check them out to get your sweet, precious baby boy fixes.

This one might still be my favorite...

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This song is playing in heavy rotation at work. I can't get enough.

Heard on GIRLS and I now have a daily dance party in my cube. This song speaks to that inner 24 year old who doesn't think she will ever get married, let alone find a boy she wants to talk to for more than 10 minutes. NOt that my early 20's were spent waiting for a guy, but you know...

Do you watch Girls? I know it is the big deal right now with the Golden Globe winnings, but seriously the shiz is awesome. I went and ordered HBO a few weeks ago so I could watch Season 1 and then start Season 2. I am hooked and I love. So whitty and truthful and reminds me of a time 3 girls lived in a few various houses together and partied our faces off and tried to fill our days in jobs we didn't love and with boys we didn't really like (but at the time thought they hung the moon - when really they were just filling the spaces for someone more important and amazing).

And now we are moms. Bottom line, that show hits the mark. If you graduated from college and was single for a good bit before you settled down and figured it all out (...) then you can relate.  Good times.

Monday, January 14, 2013

drank the Kool Aid

Abstract artwork is a pretty go-to kinda thing in the design world.  And I was pretty hesitate at first but now I love them.  I have drank the kool aid and am loving some of these pretties found on Etsy.  I love the mix of colors and I love an "ocean" feel.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewn 2013

For 2013 I am going to learn to sew. I took home ec and made a bunny or something ridiculous, but this time I am serious. I am quiet crafty and this would be such a fun hobby to take up. There are so many things I could make with my own two hands! For instance, these pillows at Crate and Barrel - How fun would this be? Scraps of fabric sewn to a simple pillow..

and then for the little guy. These adorable pants by Grace Happens (See sidebar for link - she has been pretty MIA and I really miss her) are too cute and too simple NOT to make!


and last, the most adorable. I am dying to put O in these all spring and summer. If I can just learn to put in a row of buttons, I'd be golden.


Here's to hoping!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Owen turned O N E

I swear we are not going backwards here, as this was about 6 weeks ago, but we have survived a lot and this should be documented as well.  Survived by the way of stomach bugs, 3 molars, 3 major holidays, and 2 birthday parties, both complete successes.  Owen, your dad and I (among many other relatives) love you so much.  You are the meaning of true love and kindness.  And you are the funniest little guy I have ever met.
You weren't too excited about waking up on your big day.
But you did have a lot in store for you....

and I don't think you minded too much.

this was from your Dino FUN party with your buddy, Eli.  Red velvet was good!

I am slightly obsessed with cake bunting.  Made this one with my own two hands.
The string is called bakers twine if you ever need it (I went all over AC Moore trying to find it)

Opening many of your wonderful gifts. 
Curious George is becoming a new fav and this book is already showing its wear and tear of love from you.

Some special friends to celebrate your big day. Halle, Leah, Wade and Owen.

We did it! Survived our first year together!  Cheers to you and many, many more pal. 
We love you to the moon!