Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Owen turned O N E

I swear we are not going backwards here, as this was about 6 weeks ago, but we have survived a lot and this should be documented as well.  Survived by the way of stomach bugs, 3 molars, 3 major holidays, and 2 birthday parties, both complete successes.  Owen, your dad and I (among many other relatives) love you so much.  You are the meaning of true love and kindness.  And you are the funniest little guy I have ever met.
You weren't too excited about waking up on your big day.
But you did have a lot in store for you....

and I don't think you minded too much.

this was from your Dino FUN party with your buddy, Eli.  Red velvet was good!

I am slightly obsessed with cake bunting.  Made this one with my own two hands.
The string is called bakers twine if you ever need it (I went all over AC Moore trying to find it)

Opening many of your wonderful gifts. 
Curious George is becoming a new fav and this book is already showing its wear and tear of love from you.

Some special friends to celebrate your big day. Halle, Leah, Wade and Owen.

We did it! Survived our first year together!  Cheers to you and many, many more pal. 
We love you to the moon!

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