Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This song is playing in heavy rotation at work. I can't get enough.

Heard on GIRLS and I now have a daily dance party in my cube. This song speaks to that inner 24 year old who doesn't think she will ever get married, let alone find a boy she wants to talk to for more than 10 minutes. NOt that my early 20's were spent waiting for a guy, but you know...

Do you watch Girls? I know it is the big deal right now with the Golden Globe winnings, but seriously the shiz is awesome. I went and ordered HBO a few weeks ago so I could watch Season 1 and then start Season 2. I am hooked and I love. So whitty and truthful and reminds me of a time 3 girls lived in a few various houses together and partied our faces off and tried to fill our days in jobs we didn't love and with boys we didn't really like (but at the time thought they hung the moon - when really they were just filling the spaces for someone more important and amazing).

And now we are moms. Bottom line, that show hits the mark. If you graduated from college and was single for a good bit before you settled down and figured it all out (...) then you can relate.  Good times.

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