Friday, January 18, 2013

My take on Anne at the Golden Globes

A lot of hoopla has been going around about Anne Hathaway at the GGs Sunday. I just got around the watching her acceptance speech and I loved it. She is quip-ey and thanked Sally Field like it was her job and brought me to tears. Sally Field will and forever remind me of my mother (M'Lynn is burned in my brain). So she may be a little "nerdy" but I think I love her.

As for Tina and Amy, they tore that shiz up and knocked it straight out of the park. When they lost to Lena I about died.

Cracks me up!

For those who read this blog (which is probably about 2 people) I have started to post all my videos of Owen to You Tube. Please go and check them out to get your sweet, precious baby boy fixes.

This one might still be my favorite...

Happy Weekend!

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