Sunday, February 12, 2012


Our little family has had lots of firsts in these last 12 weeks. And tomorrow will be mom's first day back to work. I am seriously feeling like it's my first day of school, packing my bags, making lists trying to be as organized and prepared as possible. Your sweet gram Joy is staying with you and (I think) she is feeling the same way. It will be a journey for us all and we will do it. Because that is the one thing I have learned since being a mom. You just have to do it. Breastfeeding, pumping, moving you to your crib, no more swaddling, feeding you bottles, figuring out how to make you stop crying and how to make you laugh (which comes much easier than stopping the tears, boo). 

First Family shot.

 First night home from hospital. You just look so tiny!

 First Holidays together.

First laughs!

But we will have many more firsts and we will make it through them all. Together. Love you O!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


New babies every where and Owen has a ton of new buddies to roll around with. Really, they just lay on the floor and the moms gab it up, but I believe lifelong friendships are forming!

Olivia and Owen

Vivi, Eli, Owen and Olivia

Eli and Owen, born only a few days apart

The whole gang! Seriously some cute babies in this bunch.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

3 months in

We are almost 3 months in with sweet O and things are really moving along. He is growing and everyday is amazing. I (and John) just love walking into his room every morning and seeing him light up at our faces with smiles. We couldn't have made it as far as we did without a few priceless items.  I am trying to let Owen lead the day but we are doing the "eat, play, sleep" routine to help him along the way ;)

O is on the boob. So we don't need much for that. But I am pumping and use the Medela In Style pump. No complaints, I have nothing to compare it to but it is kinda loud for my taste and I am dreading lugging this thing into work in a few weeks.  Bottles we use the wide nipple Dr. Browns. Although they have 3 parts per bottle we don't mind too much. He only takes one here and there (thankfully he takes one at all) so cleaning isn't too terrible.
You can't have too many burp cloths (cloth diapers from BRU) and those boppy changing pad covers for when you aren't quick enough with the diaper.

In the beginning there was no play. But now Owen loves to lay on his playmat and check out himself in the mirror, kick the lion and listen to the music play on the giraffe.
Fisher Price Bouncer- this guy is amazing too.  Fisher Price ain't so bad.  He loves to sit and bounce and kick his legs and swat at the hanging turtles. There is a frog in the middle that has a cord if you pull plays music. So far he has achieved pulling the cord once and John and I were both able to witness. I cried. He gets so determined!
Boppy - we were gifted two boppys on loan from friends. They didn't help too much with feedings because O has reflux so I have to angle him up more - but he loves to sit in it now and talk and stare at us ( and the tv...don't look at the tv, O!)

Sofie - we got our Sofie but haven't broken her out yet. Frank the dog likes to think it is his next chew toy. I have a feeling we may go thru a few Sofies...Or else she stays in the crib, far away from Frank.

Wee Gallery Art Cards for baby - these are like flash cards of black and white images of various sea animals. He loves them and I keep them around the changing table to calm him and in his crib to keep him company when he is trying to fall asleep or waking up. He LOVES them.

As for carriers we went with the Ergo and have been on a few walks with it. I love when John wears it.

The Fisher Price Rock & Play. This rocker really needs no introduction. Everyone loves it. Owen loved it so much and would sleep for hours in it. Our bedrooms are so close together we moved him into his room early on. Sleeping in his R&P parked right beside his crib. Last week I decided he needed to step it up and move on to his crib. Luckily it went smooth and he is now only sleeping in the crib. I think he really likes it too! 
For white noise we went with the Graco Sound Machine and are very satisfied. It does the job and has a cord to hook up a MP3 player if you desire. 

The Miracle Blanket seriously is my favorite item. It helps keep him swaddled and sleeping and keeps me happy. Although I have had to teach major classes on how to use it, it is the best one out there. We use the Swaddle Me velcro but O is very capable of tearing his way out of it.

Carseat we went with the Chicco KeyFit 30. No complaints.

Have a pack and play but it is set up at my parents and don't even use it. yet. Hopefully we will make good use of it on trips and such.

Ahh I almost forgot - the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Pad. Awwwesome. You can throw this guy down anywhere and take care of biznas. And biznas can be messy!!

That's all I can think of for now. But we were so blessed with showers and family / friends who made SURE our baby boy didn't go without. He is so loved and we are loving every minute of being with him!