Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Crazy...

Meet Crazy...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

lack of motivation

I am fully equip to get my couch and wing back chair reupholstered. I am just lacking that one thing we all need to get it done. Someone to reupholster it... I am waiting for a man in High Point to get back in touch with me when he is ready - friend of my mom's designer friend. I would really like this done before Thanksgiving. That seems like a normal timeline. Thoughts, suggestions or heads up before doing a whole couch and chair? Reminder, here is my fabric. It kicks major fabric arse. Oh yeah, and was $3 a y.a.r.d. My fabric brings all the boys to the yard. (Yes. I did.)

p.s. this picture is just pretty. nothing more, nothing less. via myhomeideas.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Friday night was date night and we saw Inception. Pretty good movie - but too many dreams within a dream and it started to get old. However I now have a major girl crush on Marion Cotillard.

Can I have some waves and a french accent, S'il vous plait?

Wish I was there.

The hubs took a quick jaunt down to the coast for the next few days. Remember, he didn't get to go to Cabo with the girls. Even with 8 solid days in Mexico, I am still dying to go to the beach. There is nothing like the NC coast, and Wrightsville Beach is my most favorite place in the world.
And I am missing it something fierce.

North End.

Neptunes and Red Dogs. Neptunes = captain & gingers, Christopher the bartender, feeling like you are in the belly of a big pirate ship. Red Dogs = Fish bowls to the face and dancing/sweating upstairs. Always a good time. Can't leave out Laggerheads. = sitting on the outside bar people watching and singing Ain't Life Grand.

View from the Crandells old place. The flight up the stairs was my cardio for the week. Best place to sit and enjoy the day.

My favorite...the South End.

Ahhh....we are going to OAK Island for Labor Day, but I might have to sneak off to WB for a weekend to get me thru the rest of summer.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

He has arrived.

This little guy finally showed up Thursday evening and I am in L.O.V.E. He is sweet and charming and all things precious. I am over the moon for my best friend and her helpful husband.

Welcome Wade! Your auntie Abby is so happy to have you here!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

If I could

Romper RoomFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Romper Room

I would. But I just don't think I can.

It is nearing 100 degrees everyday and these little numbers would be so nice and refreshing to bum around in trying to beat the heat. I will just stick to my dresses.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally Time

In honor of my best friend giving birth today - a great baby having movie.

and to make us laugh after the tears!
Rachel and Ross have a baby

To my dear Laura, Here's praying for a quick and painless ;) delivery and a bottle of pinot grigio on me my friend :) I love you and can't wait to see your little guy.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Heart NY

Going to NYC with the hubs in Sept a week before our 1 year anniversary. I can't wait, it's been too long. It will be the shortest long weekend trying to squeeze in everything we want to see and everywhere we want to go. along with visiting grandpa jack and his wife bernadette along with uncle george and my favorite aunt judy. what to pack...

Friday, July 16, 2010

workin for tha weekend...

sorry for the cheese title, but i was struggling for one. i truly worked this whole week for these next 2 days. and i'm gonna take them and run. well not really run, but enjoy myself. and i only hope you do too. so happy weekend friends.

image via this amazing flickr stream.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Like Your Style.

Reminder...Summer is not over. Example, Whitney rocking cute bikini...I am in love with the bottoms. Found here.

sunday night is going to get a little better

Sunday evenings I come down with a case of the serious blues. I just dread my Mondays.

However, things are looking up this Sunday since Mad Men will be back. Last season was the jam. I can't wait to see how the show starts back. At least there are some sneak peaks of fashions for the new season.... Enjoy. And don't drool all over the keyboard at Don.

The cast ---

Don Draper.
The boys. Peter, Don and my favorite one liner Roger.

Obviously this is not from the show, but January Jones plays the perfect 50/60's housewife. I really hope she gets that emmy!!
Images via InStyle

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gracias So much

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I talked about my Cabo trip for 3 months and just realized, ya'll might like a Cabo post.
It was beautiful and I would go back in a heartbeat (with the hubs -- ps he told me to say that). No rain/clouds just sun/hot/tans for days. We truly had a blast and it was a fantastic trip.

The big birthday was celebrated. frequently.

Fiesta Dinner night with my lovely travel mates. The best friends a girl could ask for (minus 2!)

Pretty water, no swimming!

ahhh the pool.

the hubs says "My wife went to cabo and all I got was this AWESOME nacho libre mask." I am awesome.

salsa much?

beautiful views.

She got a big tip.

Our last night.

I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.

The Hills obviously died to me when LC moved on. This last season has pretty much been a joke. But how great it was. And I will really miss my favorite bad boy...truly to me, they were THE Couple of The Hills.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's all happening

So remember last month when I found these lovelies? Well, Saturday the hubs and I went the fabric store and found these.

Top = window panels, Middle = wing back chair, Bottom = sofa

The pic is kinda dull, but the fabric is perfect. At one point when I found the ream for the chair and the hubs said he loved it I literally air humped the ream of fabric. Luckily it was early enough where no one saw me, but even so it wouldn't have mattered.

Now I just need to get these babies covered. And find the funds to pay for them. Any and all donations are accepted.

Friday, July 9, 2010

one more thing and then i'm done

"I always feel closest to my father, who was the love of my life until his death in 2002, when I am in the kitchen. I can still hear him over my shoulder, heckling me, telling me to be careful with my knife, moaning with pleasure over a bite of something in only the way a Jew from Long Island can, his shoulders doing most of the talking. I will never forget how concentrated he looked in the kitchen….It was as if the deliciousness of the food would convey the love he felt in direct proportion….Health food was never really on the agenda, it was about fun and deliciousness and togetherness….The most striking aspect about his cooking was how much joy he derived from feeding people that he loved. I mean, genuine, bursting happiness….This book is meant to channel the ethos of my father by sharing the greatest gifts that he imparted to me.
Invest in what's real. Clean as you go. Drink while you cook. Make it fun. It doesn't have to be complicated. It will be what it will be."

Gwyneth graces the August cover of Vogue to discuss her cookbook action. I love that last paragraph. I never had a love of cooking, but I truly try. And I appreciate her connection with her father and cooking and I think if we have a little girl one day, the hubs will love to teach her the ways of the kitchen.
But all she will need to remember is to "Invest in what's real. Clean as you go. Drink while you cook. Make it fun. It doesn't have to be complicated. It will be what it will be."

Happy Weekend.

Good Sax.

ever since SYTYCD on Wednesday this song has been in my head.

happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He's Baaaacckkk

gosh i just love this guy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bobble bobble!

Maybe it's me, but her head looks super weird in this shot...

lunch time

and I made the taziki sauce all by myself.

Check Please.

Summer is in full swing and I am in love with gingham. Just a few of my favs.

Lands End Canvas Top - if you've not seen the updated look of Lands End you are

Personalized gingham plates at La Plates Design. Red White and Blue equals summertime.


Complete with a lovely outdoor tablesetting via Country Living.

And gingham fact of the day from Martha -
The name gingham comes from the Malayan word genggang, meaning "checkered cloth." Unlike other checks, gingham's stripes are of equal width and in only two colors.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Gem

Check of the before and after of this little gem. Straight from my mom's closet to our guest bedroom wall.

Taping was NO fun.

Glossy White. So Haute.

Pretty Pretty Pretty.

And for your viewing pleasure ... a few other shots from around the home this weekend.

Can you believe someone just discarded this guy on the side of the road. My pleasure to take it off your hands neighbor.

Coffee table now topless - SATC inspired.

Our 4th -

New Flag.

Frank got a bath.

Dad brought me sunflowers from the farmer's market.

Fireworks all around.

Smiles from the Archers.