Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come to Mama...

Looks like my search has ended. These 2 are being picked up by my mom's wonderful cousin (my second cousin) - family will really do anything for you - and I will get them from him tomorrow. He went to the guy's house (just lives around the corner), which is about 45 minutes away from me, and took these pictures, emailed them to me and is purchasing them for me so I won't miss the deal of a lifetime!

Oh Craiglist, don't fail me now.

I will be reupholstering (of course) in something fun and festive, as well as something to stand the test of time. And maybe match the pillows I already have (hopefully), but it's not a deal breaker. Any thoughts, suggestions? Will have to look back in my old Domino's/Blueprint's/House Beautiful for some major inspiration.

Saturday morning I will be going to look for fabric - hope I can find something worth my while at my trusty $3/yard warehouse.

Ok, here they are!!! Man were they worth the wait!

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