Sunday, February 12, 2012


Our little family has had lots of firsts in these last 12 weeks. And tomorrow will be mom's first day back to work. I am seriously feeling like it's my first day of school, packing my bags, making lists trying to be as organized and prepared as possible. Your sweet gram Joy is staying with you and (I think) she is feeling the same way. It will be a journey for us all and we will do it. Because that is the one thing I have learned since being a mom. You just have to do it. Breastfeeding, pumping, moving you to your crib, no more swaddling, feeding you bottles, figuring out how to make you stop crying and how to make you laugh (which comes much easier than stopping the tears, boo). 

First Family shot.

 First night home from hospital. You just look so tiny!

 First Holidays together.

First laughs!

But we will have many more firsts and we will make it through them all. Together. Love you O!!

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