Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Perusing through the latest CL finds...

One of my favorite daily past times includes perusing Craigslist for any good finds.  Some days I have major success and come home begging John to let me get this new to me piece of furniture.  He doesn't understand the fun it brings me and just wants to go to your neighborhood furniture store and throw down a bunch of cash for something with little to no character or love. Which is fine, but I like "character" and I love "love".

amazing bench with velvet cushions

This is a Ballard Wall Mirror. Has a partner if you want to get 2.
This was included with the bench post and it has a tumbler site for all their amazing goodies. 
And this was just the beginning...

Sweet bookcase would be awesome painted and put in Little Girl's nursery

search 'mid century modern' for the real finds. 
great for tv console!

This piece would go wonderful in our living room with the more traditional pieces.
Great condition and GREAT price

This one is holding on to me tight.
What a perfect mirror to go in O's big boy room... Love the detailing and the size!

Convex Mirror for less than $100
Need I say more?

If you end up purchasing any of these items, let me know so I can come to your home and admire it's beauty! I am still holding out for the bookcase and the mirror.  Would love to get all of them but SOMEONE's husband is going to VEGAS in March so should probably hold on to what money will still have.... (sidenote - isn't it amazing what second babies will make husbands do??!)

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Christine Storch said...

I would run to get that mirror... it is a great deal.