Monday, January 27, 2014

Archer Eats

So a few weeks of dinner times and these are our standouts.

The easiest Potato Soup known to man!

I just recently found Cassie's blog at Hi Sugarplum! and this girl is all things DIY and actual things you can really do yourself.  When I saw her post for this amazing crockpot potato soup I knew we had to try it.  It's just as delicious and easy as it sounds.  Per the hubs request, I chopped up extra bacon and mixed it into the potato mixture to bake with it and we cooked it on the stove since I didn't have time to let it cook in the crock pot all day. But it was just as hearty and yummy as I thought it would be.

Owen wouldn't try it but he loved his grilled cheese.

Spinach & Meat sauce Lasagna

This one really just came from what was "already in the fridge" meal.  I picked up some lasagna noodles and ricotta from the store and we went with it!  John had made a ton of this wonderful meaty tomato sauce the week prior so I knew I was going to use it as our sauce.  I bought a big tub of fresh spinach from one of our Costo trips last week and promised the hubs I would finish it off.  I'm still trying.  Hopefully this week we will do a girlled chicken and spinach salad (YUM) and that should help take care of some of it! So cooked down the fresh spinach to add in with the ricotta and layerd it up with shredded mozzarella, noodles and sauce.  Baked it at about 350 til bubbly and let sit for just a few.  It's even better the next day!

Before it went in the oven but you see how beautiful it is? And it was H U G E!

I was too scared to do no bake noodles, but we did put some unbaked noodles on the bottom row and it turned out fine!

Owen didn't want to try because of the green (grrr) but he did have a few noodles and meatballs (we call any meat in our house meatballs & he gobbles them up)

Southern Living Italian Sausage Grits bake

This one was a toughie.  John and I used to cook all these amazing dinners when we were just 2 and now it's very rare to have something with so many components and techniques in preparing.  He was a whiz and I was just trying to keep up.  O was a champ and played down stairs almost the whole time.  That was a treat in itself!  But it came out super amazing and hearty and perfect for a chilly Sunday night.

I was to chicken to see if O would try it so I made him a toddler version of just cut up sausage and some cheese grits and strawberries.  He did better with it and as much as I want him to eat what we eat at every meal, sometimes knowing is half the battle.  

So there you have it! A few of our recent successes for dinner. Quick, easy and good!

We love to go out to eat and Saturday enjoyed a fun night out with some friends and their little one, V.  O was smitten and they were hamming it up for just about anyone who would look their way.  Mexican is always a hit with our guy, he can't get enough beans and rice!

 I promise V is not picking her nose. 

Post nap snacks are always fun at our house too. Sunday O & Daddy enjoying some peanut butter & crackers and celery!

Aren't they just the cutest?

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