Thursday, August 22, 2013

Owen eats...

Our little guy has become quite the connoisseur of all things yummy....yummy to an almost 2 year old of course.  His favs at the moment are hot dogs, cookies, spaghetti, cheese, bagels, all fruit, and all potatoes of the white variety.  He still will not touch veggies or most meats.  We try to go with the flow and just let him eat as he wants but still offering him what we have for dinner. He may spit it out but at least he puts it in his mouth!
Bagels with mama

His first corn dog - not a fan of the stick

First bowl of Cereal - in milk! He loved it.

Date night with his girl, May May. I thought the table clothe and flowers were a nice touch!

Friday night cookout with his buddies. Wade & May May.

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