Monday, June 24, 2013


Over the weekend I ventured down to Charlotte to visit a friend and celebrate her 33 birthday.  I met her at South Park while she was getting makeup done and getting pretty for her big night I found Anthropologie. Big Mistake. Huge. They were having a GINORMOUS summer sale. I tried on a few cute tops and a dress that I wanted to just walk out in but was very smart and hung everything back up. Loved them all but I knew it wasn't my time. Unfortunately, the adult/mommy guilt poured out of me and I cringed as I handed the sweet store girl back the lovely goods. Wonder if John ever has that feeling? Probably not. But it felt so nice to walk into a store without a stroller and walk around, trying on clothes with the freedom to just stand in the room and twirl around and not worry with O ready to project him self out of his stroller and screaming BYE signalling to me that it was time to GO. NOW.

I wasn't able to find the adorable green eyelet dress that I tried online. Probably better. I may cry if I see it again.

I did go by Madwell and did pick up a cute navy and white tank - 40% off sales price seemed okay for me. Plus I can probably wear it all summer. 

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