Friday, June 21, 2013

Bathroom Dreams

Our new home has a master bath.  Not much 'master' to it. The previous owners updated a good bit before putting it on the market- new tile on the floor (which I love), new toilet (also great) and they installed new lighting (not a fan of) and a new sink/vanity (also not loving)...But the light turquoise tile covering the floor and full standing shower really soon must go...IF I had my way we would be updating to something a little more this....

This is our current floor tile - LOVE IT - so would be perfect to carry into the shower floor and do some great subway stacked up.

This vanity is my dream.  The current one is too wide.  Something a little more narrow would be ideal.

Don't like the tile but something with this style door would be so nice.

Another example of a nice simple white subway tile and updated fixtures for the shower.

Plans for Master Bath:
-remove tile outside of shower - either board and batton 
-remove old towel rods & replace with updated
-update shower door
-update shower tile
-change out vanity to something less wide 
-new sink
-update mirror and light fixture over sink
-artwork and window treatment
-add door (yes our bathroom has NO DOOR)

Sorry no pics of the current bath but I will try to update over the weekend...

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