Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can't believe...

This time last year I was 3 days away from getting married. I was celebrating my bestest friend's birthday and getting ready to walk down that aisle and do it. So much has happened in this year and so much has really stayed the same.
Everyone always likes to ask "how's married life?" and my answer has been, "Great, the same as before, but great." And I wouldn't change anything about John and I. We work through the rough patches and relish in the good.  I truly got so lucky! It's awesome!
Bailey over at Peppermint Bliss is getting hitched and reading all the wedding posts from other bloggers was such a treat. Jump over there to check them out.
A few of the many memories I have from that day...

Seeing each other before the ceremony was the best thing we agreed to do. It calmed me and helped keep things at some sense of normalcy. 

This image is so great. We were just walking along to go to another spot and my dress unhooked from the bussle. I was worried it broke and John immediately grabbed my dress to keep it off the ground. As he always does, immediately stepping in to make sure I'm ok and wanting to prevent anything to happen that might upset me. Such a caring dude I got!

And of course, sealed with a kiss.

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Kristin said...

What a gorgeous bride you were! Happy early anniversary!!