Wednesday, January 26, 2011


pleasantries... by abbyarcher featuring dot jewelry

This weather (i.e. rain, snow, sleet, clouds) is to blame for my recent online purchasing rampage.
For example, a new purse in a fun yellow color for spring / summer.  Reebok toners i'm so pumped to try out. A cute pink skirt from Lands End Canvas - I have been dying to buy some of their cute pieces, hope I love them -also got a new pair of jeans & cute moccasins (40% off sale items helped the check card)!

Lastly, Stella & Dot, oh how I love thee. You will save my spring / summer wardrobe. ahhh.

shameless plug for my friend Heather - If you are new to Stella & Dot, please go to her site and check it out. And buy til your jewelry box runneth over!

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