Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have become a big reader of the lovely Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers so I thought I would do my own little confessions post....

- I have serious buyers remorse when I buy something I know I don't need, like the sweater dress I snagged at the GNO event Friday night.... it was just screaming my name and I have like at least 4 things I can wear it to coming up.... I hope.

- I never put on make up in the morning anymore.  And I sometimes hardly take the time to look in the mirror before I leave the house.  I could probably be walking around with food on my face or a huge zit and wouldn't even know it. #momproblems

- Decorating for the holidays really stresses me out.  I used to be so good about changing our decorations seasonally and now it is all I can do to put a wreath on the door.  I think it has to do with our house and how I am so tired of it but I know I need to love what I have and where we are in our life in the moment. But shiz is hard to do sometimes!

- I don't ever make dinner or meals for John and I to eat.  He cooks almost every night. If he doesn't cook we order out.  I thank my lucky stars for that one.  He is an amazing cook. I can come up with meals and plan them out but can't actually bring them to the table.

- I am secretly in love with Andy Cohen.  Not like I wanna have his babies kinda way but I wanna be chilling  up in the Bravo Clubhouse every night with him chatting it up about those crazy housewives.  and Jeff Lewis. Andy is just so cute and funny (crazy eye and all).

- I love to vacuum.

- I hate to dust.

-  I can barely remember my college years.  I made great friends who I still keep in touch with but everything is just such a blur.  And I wasn't that drunk all the time ;)...If it wasn't for Facebook I might not remember half my college friends. Eekkkk!

- My heart melts about ten thousand times a day looking at Owen and then looking at Owen and John together.

Pay no attention to the massive double chin.  Just look at that adorable face starring right atcha!

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