Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wall doings

Our walls are lacking love in many places.  I hope to gradually find things that I can't live without to make our home feel more like us rather than just go to the store find something that will work for now and throw it up.  It makes it hard but in the long run, I know it's what we need.

Right now our dining room wall needs some love.  In the worst way.  John suggested getting a few large scale pieces and putting them up.  But what? Our dining room's pretty traditional at the moment.  I would like to bring in some modern touches to even it out a bit.  Of course I don't have pics of our current dining room, but here are some ideas that I am loving to try.

Large scale maps.
I know this isn't anything new and has been done for years, but I think it could really work for this space.  I found a great ETSY shop (link below) that has some wonderful vintage options.  I'm thinking just simple black matted frames to hang them in a large group and be done.

inspiration shot:
Vintage Maps - Paris, France 1705 size 36" x 44" ( set of 4 sectionals )

A massive painting or wall hanging.
This also is a tough one because I am so not good at finding something I love and it can be very expensive. Thankfully for ETSY (yes, all caps is necessary) I may be able to find a nice piece by an unknown amazing artist that I could afford.

inspiration shot:
Domino Decorating Ideas | Living dining room - November 2007 Domino magazine

Dining Room

this last one by the way, might be the most beautiful home I have ever seen.  GO to the link NOW and check it out. You won't be disappointed!

So those are my plans for now. Either some big maps framed or a big painting/something to hang.  Decisions, decisions.

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