Monday, April 7, 2014


Here's a little sneak peak into baby Tate's nursery. Just need to get some things up on the wall - hopefully by this weekend. We are slowly getting there.

Curtains and Poof are from Land of Nod (who doesn't love their stuff??), Rug is from World Market (feel like we should have gone with the 8x10 - always go bigger people), three frames waiting to be hung are from a local consignment sale - artwork is still being finalized.  Blanket is made by my loving mother which will end up probably being the comforter for her "toddler bed".  Lamp I found on CL (whaahooo).

First and foremost, I apologize for that blinding overhead light.  Crib bedding was made by my dear mom's friend and originally used in Owen's nursery.  Green = reuse.  The doll house in the corner was mine and I am trying to find the time to paint it and use it for storage of toys, dolls, books, etc.  

Progress is coming but we still have to hang the mirror and the shelf over the dresser and the pictures.  Hopefully this weekend that will be done!  I am happy with how it's coming along, already one of my fav spots in the house and last night I just sat in my rocker with my feet up and had some "me" time. It was really nice.  Seeing the room in photos helps me to edit down rather than just being in the room.  I would love to have some crown molding installed one day - in all the bedrooms!  But for now, a girl can dream. Can't believe just 6 weeks away from meeting our little girl!

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