Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Any ideas on this one?

So - Need to know - does anyone know anything about JCP.com furniture?  Spotted over the weekend. A cute chaise sofa for UNDER $1,000. Yes people - you read right. $1,000. As in one comma zero zero zero.
There are almost 40 colors and various fabrics to customly make it what you'd like. Any thoughts? Our den/man room/big tv room is in need of something stylish and comfortable and Frank-friendly (he will never learn the couch isn't for him).  The room is a big square so a chaise sectional would just be perfect for lounging and make room for extra seating.  I am THIS close to ordering... Just give me some thoughts, feedback, something!!


Courtney said...

I have been very happy with JcPenney furniture so far. That's where we got the baby furniture. If you have store delivery, it's free - can't beat that!

Abby said...

Thanks Court! I'm not sure if this one is store delivery, but that is surely a plus :)