Thursday, December 13, 2012

a few of my favorite things...

so having a child in daycare [or school as we like to call it] means i have to make / buy things for the teachers to show my utter gratitude for taking care of my wonderful child [i.e. making sure he naps/eats/doesn't sit in poop all day and maybe sing him a song or two while your at it]. 

it is hard enough for me to hangout with my guy for one full day and keep him happy so big props to this ladies who bust it out with 8 babies at their knees.  these ladies are seriously amazing and i know it takes special SPECIAL people to take care of others with the love and care they show my guy every day.

to show them my unwavering gratitude i plan to do something i have not yet truly embraced - the art of baking... so here are a few of my favs on the Pinterest i plan to wip up over the weekend for these lovlies...

salted caramels YES PLEASE

peppermint bark Bells to the Yeah 

Buckeyes Get in my belly

i just hope the hubs keeps his paws off so they actually make it to the school.. hope they love them!

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