Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i belong with you, you belong with me

everyone knows and loves The Lumineers.  this song took over my summer playlist and now the radios are playing it as well.  this morning while driving o to school i heard it and tears stung my eyes. 

"i belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweeeethearttt".  

i really just need to have a good cry for those sweet babies but haven't yet. i catch myself tearing up and the lump coming up my throat but i fight it back down.  i am scared if i start i might not be able to stop. 

Lord, help those families and heal their hearts.  bring something good to their lives to help fill the void that was left during this time that is suppose to be filled with children's laughter and delight in the magic of it all... i will never be able to wrap my brain around it all. and the teachers, who were just going to work to teach and protected those children to the fullest extent. If anything, we have been affected by this to the point of change. I hope.

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