Friday, January 29, 2010

happy friday

This is what my weekend is looking like it will sum up to. So very excited for some snow. Really, North Carolina doesn't get too much through the winter months, so if it's going to be that cold (Hi of 28 on Saturday. Seriously.) then I'm down for some of this white stuff.
It is not scheduled to start until later this evening so it's basically like Christmas. I still get as excited as a 9 year old, waiting and watching the news to hear the latest predictions of total amounts we will get. Currently 6"-12", by the time it's all over, probably more like 2"-3".
And I will be planning to head to the store after work. Along with everyone else in this lovely city for the weekend necessities after getting snowed in. Milk, Bread for them. Wine, cheese, chips/salsa for me. And maybe some beers for the hubs.

Thanks Mother Nature!

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