Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WTF - In Response to a Poop Post

I have a new favorite blog. Martini's or Diaper Genies?.
She is kinda awesome and one of her most recent posts was on poops. I howled in the bed last night from reading. The husband came back in the bedroom all "what are you reading" and I was all, "oh nothing". Not that I'm ashamed to tell him I was reading about poops, but kinda ashamed to tell him I was reading about poops... You see we live in a sweet little house with 1 bathroom. 1 bathroom for his daily clockwork poops and my more sporadic bathroom visits. Without going into too much detail, I must say it really says something when you can hear someone poop [let alone smell it] and still wanna jump their bones and contemplate one day having their little poopy babies.
That's how you know ladies, that is how you know.
But back to the poop post. So there were already like 65 comments from other readers by the time I got there all about the poop post. How freeing is it to read that other women share your concerns about parasites in your bowels and only pooping once every two days. [I'm googling colon cleansing as we speak] Seriously. The poop confessions were coming like it was Lent. Some were heavy poopers some were on the lighter side. I'm more of a regular pooper. (Just going to get it out there) I have a friend from college, let's call her P. P poops so many times a day we might start tracking it. She has named it FRED. Freaking. Ridiculous. Explosive. Diarrhea. Can you imagine? FYI, P looks like she walked out of a Victoria Secret catalogue. FRED don't sound so bad anymore.

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