Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby-having Realization....

So I have decided... I now know I can have a baby when I read a birthing story or watch a baby being born on TV and want to cry over cringe.

Kristina at Lovely Morning recently shared her lovely and real birth story. Towards the end I was holding my heart feeling her experience and shocking myself with the thoughts that were rushing through my head.

Lately all I think about is how this time last year all I was thinking about was marrying the fiance and now I am consumed with the thoughts of starting a family and having a little one soon in our future.

Part of me wants these coming days and months to stand still. To keep the little moments with the husband and our friends and family from flying by with the blink of an eye. To enjoy ourselves and revel in our wonderful love and luckiness of finding each other and knowing how special our love truly is. But to truly know that love and to continue to bond in our marriage will take on so much more to both of us once we start our expanding family. I pray and hope everyday that we are as lucky as so many of our friends and family and can experience the love of being parents.

I truly can not wait.

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