Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kitchen Dreams

Our little home has a little kitchen. It is functional, but that is about it at the moment. I have big dreams for our little kitchen.

Pendant Lighting. Streamlined appliances. Crab painting. (They didn't call me crabby Abby for nothing). Although I personally have to have a window above my sink. It is a must. Luckily for our kitchen, that is already taken care of.

Here the counter tops are doing it for me. And the cabinets. This is probably the closest image to our L shaped galley kitchen - stopping at the fridge. No cute breakfast nook for us.

But at the moment I am really leaning towards open shelves. We have all coordinating dinnerware now and it would make things feel much more open. Ina likes it, so it must be the cool thing to do - that is how I can sell it to the hubs.

Another example - Lauren at Pure Style Home did open shelves for her kitchen. How simply perfect is this? And I could even do our out dated white fridge in chalkboard paint....ohhh meee.

Just so you know what we are working with - here are some pics of our kitchen. Granted this were taken soon after we just moved in almost 3 years ago so it's a bit more charming now, but you will get the jest of it all. All I can hope for is some after pics to put up soon...Very soon.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the mention Abby- you're so sweet!!

And what a pretty pic of you with your hubby!!