Wednesday, May 12, 2010

17 days...

So my birthday is rapidly approaching and I am trying not to whimper and loose my breathe after each time I think 30. I can never think of gifts I would like when asked, so today a few things came to me, and I am going to post them here so I won't forget what I (want) think would be acceptable gifts for me on May 29. (no hint dropping here)...

a fun picnic basket...i prefer blue or green.

2 nice chairs for the patio, lake/ocean view not included, sad face.

Sam Edelman's black flats...

pottery barn outdoor serving pieces... love the round piece!

gorgeous find on
the hubs doesn't know it, but i'm starting a tradition where each bday he buys me a piece of jewelry from a wonderful designer on this glorious site...last year - bracelet, this year hopefully this beaut.

happy hump day!

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