Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Babies babies everywhere...

My best friend is preggers. What can I say? I look at her as I always have, to me she doesn't look any different, but she is. She has become a mom. She will soon have a baby boy and I am more excited about this than she will ever know.

This was the girl I met in 6th grade and I knew we would be friends. BEST friends. We snuck out of her house in 7th grade so I could meet the boy I wanted to "date" (Mind you my parents caught us walking to the school to meet "boy"). She did anything for me that I asked, or that came to her mind. We lived together after college and "rode out" our twenties, through our trials and happiness and never skipped a beat. She is strong and smart and we both come from our grandmother's generations- loving family, friends, and tradition. She will be a great mom. And more than anything, I am so proud of her and am so happy for what is all to come.

Congrats to LJ and THef. They are imbarking on the ride of their life and all their friends and family are ready to jump on and go for a spin!! Yahhh!!
p.s. dang my garden looks good! :)

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laurajoyce said...

Uhhh, Abby that is so sweet!!! You just made me tear up mid-afternoon. It's def not the best picture of me, but your garden looks mighty cute. Thanks for sentimental kind words and the much needed moral support. I love you to pieces. LJH