Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I came across this slide show via Vanity Fair and it reminded me of the summer after the hubs and I were dating we took a vacation to New York to visit his Gramps which included a nice jump from city to country. City was short and rainy, but country was the length of our stay and it was a hard place to leave. My Hamptons is Bridgehampton and it's quiet, simple and lovely. The home was cozy and full of books and old photos and a kitchen I would dream for - nothing new or flashy, but filled with collections over the years. Cookbooks, cake stands, pitchers, vases. And the best part of course were the gardens. Bernadette, Gramp's wife, has lovely gardens throughout the grounds and impeccable and lovely taste.

My Hamptons..

De Casa.

A snippet of Bernadette's lovely garden.

Gramps at the vineyard for happy hour.

All the hedges in the Hamptons are perfectly trimmed and straight.

The beach that had no shells.

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