Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pretty Pantries

I bet you thought that said Pretty Panties didn't you?? I know, I am a sneaky devil.

But seriously. What is it about a full stocked pantry that makes my heart smile? In my next house I want a big walk-in sha-bang for all my dry goodies, platters, pitchers, salsa, cookies and soups.

It is just so reaffirming to have groceries staring back at you, am I right? But seriously - who eats that many pickles? Kinda alarming, just a bit...

All white and clear containers for dry goods. Do you rock this way?
This would be more my style I believe. We are lucky in our tiny kitchen to have a nice pantry with built in shelves. I probably took one look in it and was sold. Didn't even notice the ugly.

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