Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday thanks...

In honor of November and the forgotten holiday of Thanksgiving, I will give thanks today for a few people that basically get me through life, especially these days.

1. My sweet loving hubs.
He has been unbelievably wonderful during our special time. Not that I would expect anything less. This guy always hits it out of the park.  Always there to cook me dinner, hug me and rub the belly, tell me how pretty I am (which no one believes at 37 weeks but loves to hear), and paint a dresser.  He is going to be the absolute best dad and I can't be more thankful for him.  I hope this boy has his sweet, kind eyes and his warm, open heart. And his shoe style - check out those flip flops. Perfect for painting.

2. These lovely ladies.

When we got pregnant we hit the motherload for baby Owen to have some of the best friends imaginable.  These are just SOME of my friends who are giving birth in the next months (or have already popped!) Seriously - there's like 10 of us in that picture. WS knows how to pump out some kiddies. And I can't wait for each of them.

3.  The grammas, nanas, ggs, mimis, whatever they will be called.

Our moms. Words can't describe how much I love these two ladies. They are beyond amazing and will do basically anything we ask (or don't ask) to help us.  They are beyond giddy to hold their first grandson and I don't think they will ever know how thankful John and I are for them and their awesome love.

Happy Friday and weekend friends. 

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