Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mama Gear

So just another reason to pop this LOAD out (yes, my belly/baby has been referenced as a LOAD) --- We are getting our very own H&M store people! The ginormous metropolis that is "The DASH". Us, getting a fancy 2 story H&M.  Should be interesting....  Just checked out the website to see if anything tickles my fancy.... I am such a slouch monster. Give me a cozy sweater and some jeans and I am a happy girl.

Lovely camel cardigan. My winter staple. Easy. Comfy.

 Yes I know, basically the exact same sweater.... but this one has that leather belt detail. See?
Totally different.

Now we are talking. This is work/church/mom appropriate. Just add french twist and pearls.
Done and done.

Grand Opening is Thursday November 17. Go get you some.

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