Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is here

November is my baby boy's birth month.  I have finally gotten around to taking some photos of his nursery...still missing valances for the windows and the hubs really wants a rug. But rugs are hard!  I am pretty happy with it so far.  It is simple and special, with lots of love.

Lots of special little touches -
Changing table and shelf - craigslist dresser, shelf was in our attic. Hubs/Dad painted both with his loving hands :)

I think this shelf might be my favorite part.  We had a box of toys from John's childhood and used them all to fill the shelves. From baseball figurines to cute cars, and then adding in our own new touches with the TOMS and Sophie.  The Piels characters were created by his grandpa Jack, and we are so happy to have them in the room.

Moses basket for those first days on loan by my dear friend Laura. Bumbo borrowed by another sweet friend.  A few outfits on display.

My chair I am sure I will spend many nights and early mornings rocking our sweet boy.  The pillow was made by my mom and the quilt was made by John's mom.

Last, the crib.  Bedding made by friends of my mother and I love it. Blanket fabric found on etsy (of course). Green bear made by Aunt Chrissy and Duck was brought home from our summer trip to the Outer Banks.

That is about it for now...still a work in progress of course. But I love nothing more than to go in and sit in my chair and think about holding baby Owen and watching him crawl around the floor and play and enjoy the special space John and I created for him.

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