Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bedding Plans

The bedroom's been painted and the curtains & mirror have been hung.  Now we need new bedding. (Isn't it always something?!)  I am leaning more towards something a little piecey - mixed and nothing simple or matchy but definitely cozy and eclectic... in the most natural way.  Sounds easy enough. Right?

A few images for inspiration (all can be found on my pinterest board)

Love the pop of red here.  Our room is now a dark dark blue - almost navy with a kick and pairs well with cremes and khakis.  

Mix it up, baby!

Almost the exact color of our walls.  Love the black and white. 
Definitely not scared of going against the grain here.  

Also dreaming of some substantial night stands... but Craigslist is failing hard on that delivery... Hopefully I will have some photos tonight and can update tomorrow!

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