Friday, December 13, 2013

Owen updates

Owen is well into his second year with no holds bars.  He talks in full sentences, "Bye bye Frankie, Be a good boy, See you later" when he leaves for school.  Every morning we drive by the Children's Home on our way to school and they have a lovely nativity in the yard of the school.  I talk to Owen about the sheep and cows and shepherds and wise men and baby Jesus, Mary and Joesph.  After telling him Mary and Joseph were Jesus' mommy & daddy he said "and Frank too Mama".  That boy loves his dog. (Even though poor Frank doesn't love him as much)

I know they say the 2's are terrible, but I just see wonder and amazement when I look at him.  He is sweet, loving, funny, silly, full of emotion and chatter.  When he is mad or frustrated it is so short lived annoying as hell, but we work through it.... This morning was a pure example. But for the most part, he is easy going and just gets it. And when it's time to go to bed he is ready to go to bed.

This week we were eating dinner and I got him to share some of his favorite shapes and colors with me.

I asked John over the weekend if he ever feels like his heart may explode by looking at him and hearing his words and thoughts. He agreed and told me that was the feeling of pure joy.  And it's true.  Owen is our pure joy. When he's not fighting me in the morning about not getting his coat on and going to school and I have to bribe him with seeing Santa & Emlo...

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