Wednesday, December 18, 2013

empty walls

So this post will be a LOT lighter than yesterday's, I promise!!

I am so tired of our empty walls in our new home.  I know, you say, we just moved in like a few months ago. No, 6 months actually.  But this is like our long term, forever home and I really want to only do things once. Well big things like having built ins put in in our living room on either side of the faux fireplace and mantle.

 photo of our living room (from O's bday) See the space flanking the fireplace? 
Perfect for some custom built-ins.

Something similar here.

Next up is our bathroom. The wallpaper is pealing so my next nap time project (hahaha) is to start stripping. Hope to paint a light gray (to compliment the turquoise tile walls) and hang some black and white photos and a shelf or two.

No before photo so here's some of my inspiration:

And last our Den.  We have the TV sitting on a stand in front of a huge blank wall.  I hope one day to mount the TV and get a larger base for the boxes and such.

Just LOVE the mix in both of these images.

One day...

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