Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodnight 2013, Goodnight.

Well it's another year in the books for the Archers.  Who knew this year would be such a game changer for our little familia?? I sure didn't.  But honestly, 2013 was pretty eventful and has made me an even more happy wife, prouder parent and more dedicated friend (I hope!). This blog is sometimes my cross to bear, but it's posts like these that make it worth it! Here's your baby book, O!

A few highlights of our 2013 ---

Jan - March was pretty quiet in our little house on Magnolia... But a huge feat, Owen started walking (finally) a little after the new year.

We hung out with friends at the Children's Museum and learned how much more fun (i.e. a workout for mama) it was when you could all run around and play.

The Crew.

April we put the house on the market and ended up buying our new home which we are pretty darn happy with and moved into Memorial Day weekend...

 Becoming accustom to the new stairs.

Summer months were spent going to the beach, hanging with friends and just playing in the new backyard. And we experienced our first trip to our lovely local Brenner Children's Hospital to patch up with 6 stitches your first busted eye. The docs were very impressed with how well you handled it (while they had you mummy-wrapped down to get the job done).

You wouldn't step foot on the sand and had to be carried all over that beach.

Your first game of mini golf. YOU LOVED IT (no surprise)

We also introduced some gymnastics over the summer which was a big hit.

On the bars, Owen Archer!

 Trying to catch lightening bugs in the back yard.

 Jumping off the side at GeGe's.  You LOVED it (by August -grrr)

Stealing kisses at Wade's birthday party. Ahhh, sweet May May xo

End of summer brought Labor day where we were shocked with the news of Baby #2 (and #3 for a bit).
Thankful for this wonderful nugget that is coming into our lives in a few short MONTHS!!!

Happy family of 3 - soon to be 4!!

Fall we celebrated Halloween on our new street with our best buddies.

Owen and Mary Wren as adorable Garden Gnomes.  

Everyone soon got the hang of it and kept trying to go into everyone's houses! Hilarious!

Big rides at the Fair!

Happy Fall, Yall!

November I was super busy with Boutique, which was a huge success.


Owen turned 2 and continued to wow and amaze us with his skills and happy-go-lucky kid style.

Happy Birthday balloons were a must.

We love this special trio of November babes.

December we celebrated Christmas with family and friends and found out our newest member will be a sweet baby girl. (I still pinch myself on the reg)
waving to Santa at the WS Jaycee's Holiday Parade. Our newest family tradition.

Mom asks, "Owen are you having a baby brother or a baby sister?"
Owen says, "a baby sister!"
(every time, you almost never wavered)

His very own Guitar from Santa.

Owen opening his 3rd Nativity...(I think we get it family - take this child to church!)

2014 can only be brighter and better.
But I know whatever is dealt that may seem rough and tough, we can weather any storm.

A few things I'd like to tackle in 2014---

Making time for John and our relationship. More date nights with just the two of us, Less TV after dinner and more talking to each other.

Going to church a little more on the regular (the 3 nativities really did me in this year).

Continue to work on the new house and hopefully complete a couple projects we have on our wish list.

Focusing on the things that are important to my loved ones and making sure they know how loved they are by me!

I also plan to be better about birthdays this year.  Sending cards or small gifts to family members and loved ones.  It is their special day and I hope to let them know how special they are to me this year.

Oh and just becoming a mom to a girl. I am so excited and scared and I just hope she likes me ;)

Happy New Year to you all!


Christine Storch said...

Love this post!! You are doing such an awesome job as a mom, wife,blogger and you totally rocked it out at Boutique!! Happy New Year to you Abby. CKS

Abby said...

Thanks sweet friend! Happy New Year to you!