Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and she did not disappoint

Last night I sat in front of the TV in a trance. Kell on Earth premiered and she my friends, did not disappoint.

The insanity that is her life unfolded before my bugged eyes and I was loving every second of it. She is rough and tough but almost every single staffer looks to her as a mother figure. Their jobs are all high stress with computer malfunctions and slackers who don't pick up the slack when they work til 1 am and freaking out over a seating chart for a fashion show. A seating chart you say, hell fu*king yes a seating chart. My job is like .004% of the stress level but it is not fashion it is geriatrics. (but I digress) Designers I have never actually heard of, but Martha and Andre and all these other fabulous people sitting under one big tent. And Kelly has it all down to a science. For example, the people from Vogue can't sit next to the people at Elle. And the people from US Weekly and Life & Style can't sit behind the socialites/famous people because they will listen on their convos. Like DUH. That is why they always take their pics from across the catwalk people! It was like the parting of the red sea. AHHHHHHH! And Kelly's daughter/mini me Ava said it best when she told her mom if she had to sit in the 3rd row she wasn't going to dress up. Because it's not even worth dressing up if you have to sit in the THIRD ROW.
My only concern is that she is besties with Ashlee Dupre...but of course she has her own rational as to why they should be friends. to each their own. She's got me by the ankle booties and I'm starting to believe it's ok. I did try to google "Kelly Cutrone's Friends" but nothing really came up. It's ok Kel, you can count on me.

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