Thursday, February 4, 2010

and so these are the days of our lives...

I was so bummed to find out that Frances Reid died today. For those of you who might not know who Frances Reid is - she played the character Alice Horton from Days of our Lives. Days was my soap. My soap, my mom's soap and my beloved granma's soap. I remember my weeks during summer vacation spent with my grandparents stringing green beans (that I never ate), taking walks through the old tobacco fields, finding treasures in the old tractor shed, going to the red store for hubba bubba and always lunch then Days at 1:00.

Hope and Bo, Carrie and Lucas/Austin, Kayla and Patch, Marlena and Roman/John Black, Jennifer and Jack...the list goes on. But my favorite couple always was the grandpa and grandma Horton. Tom and Alice were the heart and soul of Salem. It may just be a soap, but it represents so much more. I miss my granma all over again. And she was just as cute as Mrs. Horton, if not cuter.

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