Wednesday, February 10, 2010

one more...

ok kiddies, one more for today and then i'm going home. during the 9 months we were wedding planning i was constantly looking on blogs for stories and inspirations for our big day.
Snippet and Ink was one of my most favorite sites and even though I don't have a wedding to plan, I remember these sites and randomly visit them now to see what's new and lovely in the ways of wedding bliss. Or stress, depending on what day it is.
The whole time of being engaged and planning was really a blur. I think about it now when I feel those two rings on my finger and am like, how did I get here already? Of course the times leading up it was all I wanted - and a little more, but we are waiting just a bit for that. I loved our engagement session. It was kinda akward, but one of those things we were super excited to do - or I was.

This lucky couple got a free session in NYC and a cute video to go along with the day.
Back story - HERE.

Annie & Jared from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

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