Friday, February 19, 2010

It's booty kicking time

So 3 weeks before our wedding my gym decided to close it's doors. I had spent the whole summer (or the last 6 weeks) really working on my fitness to look halfway decent in my dress and on our honeymoon. Post wedding/honeymoon I forgot what the inside of a gym looked like. I aimed to do as little amount of physical activity as my 8 hour desk job allows. I recently joined a gym again and have found a class that I am in LOVE with. It is called power sculpt and it is my new best friend. I even like the instructor. Today I was reading Gwyneth's lastest post on Tracy Anderson. She is like the fitness instructor to the stars - Courteney Cox - need I say more? After watching her videos on youtube I realize I've done some of these moves in my new class (Teri rocks!). Here's hoping for some serious changes before Cabo in June. (That is another post entirely)

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