Thursday, February 18, 2010

no more walk of shame here...

So this weekend I'm heading down to the QC to meet up with some lovely ladies I shared my college years with....luckily for us the only pictures I have from our times together are located in a Tupperware box in my parent's basement.

No facebook photo albums of pajama mixers where someone (who will remain nameless) kissed 4 guys in the same fraternity, late nights on the floor making mac and cheese and spitting luggies on the sorority's floor below us (not me of course), stealing the KA's composite on a weekly basis, walks of shame and coming home to a fire alarm drill, roses and thorns, chalking the campus (but we thought it was a good thing), back row bi*ches, the wall, Greek Sing champions one of those years - Stacy was the best Madonna ever, Time/Cosmo's/Dixie's/Fat Tuesday's, MEB, PIKE love, going out for the whole month of your 21st birthday, any day on LKN, fake id sharing, early 2000 "style", fish faces, weekend parties in UT North, pool days at Campus Edge and in the later years Campus Connection, besties with Dale Jr, kissing Skipper Kress, and the many many top secret memories those special years keep.

*those hot mama's above are the founding sisters. what what. I might share some from this weekend but the camera doesn't look like it will be cooperating at the moment.

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